boasts a group of talented, friendly, experienced fixers, production coordinators and assistants. We facilitate the production process by providing filming permits, location scout, cast/people, customs clearance, equipment, crew, aerial shoot, transport and accommodation. All members of our group are native Moroccans speaking excellent English and have developed an extensive knowledge of Morocco; its culture, traditions, landscape and people. They come from a variety of backgrounds and have expertise in: travel inductry, history, arts, sociology, public relations, journalism, active sports etc. We have a cross cultural attitude and we are opened to the world’s cultures due to our big experience with international productions.

With experience ranging from tv, films, documentaries, corporate, research films, food, and travel programmes to commercials, music videos and stills, our team will help you find the right location suitable to the ovrall mood of your project. We inform the foreign production companies about the actual status of locations and report them with fresh photos as well as providing other suggestions. We provide a complete scouting trip services to any location around Morocco. we coordinate and accompany you during all the recce, secure and negociate locations permits and fees.

fixer in morocco