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“Kamal and team were fantastic on our recent shoot in Essaouira. Everyday the team turned up with a smile; always ready for a change in schedule, or a last minute location cleared, we were well taken care of in Morocco, and you will be, too!”

Leopard USA , HGTV Producer – Director
“We were filming for National Geographic in Morocco, and we were tight in time to have every thing arranged for the shoot to happen on time. We were so very lucky to have Kamal on our shoot. I agree that Kamal did an amazing job, as we all admit that we could not have achieved our filming without him. its been a real eye opener for me, but now I if I ever need to film in Morocco, who I can turn to! ”
Georgina Isles, Production Manager at Electric Pictures Pty Ltd
“We used Kamal and his team to help us on a shoot for Masters Of Photography. We were filming with the photographer, Albert WATSON in marrakech, and I can’t deny that we had a lovely easy shooting experience with Kamal. From start to finish, Kamal and his team were professional perfectionists who will go out of their way to make sure your project is successful. They are the only group I will work with if I ever return to Morocco.”
Chris Ryan, Production Manager at MASTERS OF LEARNING LTD
“Kamal was awesome. We showed up in Morocco and basically Kamal had everything organized that we needed for the entire trip from locations, talent, meals, transportation, permits, releases, you name it. He speaks English very well and was our guide and translator for the trip. I especially appreciated that Kamal wanted to treat people right. He was fair with rates and fees and was able to stick in the slim budget we gave him. He creates win-win situations instead of leaving people feeling cheated. There were some potentially sticky situations and Kamal was always able to work things out to get us the shots we needed.”
Jacob Hoehne, Chief creative officer; ISSIMO Production – Story Agency

“It was a great experience to work with Kamal in a complicated documentary project. He takes his work so seriously as his own work. He has the talent to think fast and find quick solutions to any problems you might have in a production. A great communicator and knows his subject well. He can use his language skills also well to communicate with every person around him. It was a remarkable experience for all our crew members.”

Ozgul Erdogan, Producer | Project Coordinator at Seyr Agency
“Kamal and his team are an asset to anyone wanting to film in Morocco. We were shooting a commercial in Marrakech and they took care of everything we needed as soon as we landed – he looked after us too! His local knowledge of Marrakech is exceptional, he was able to make sure our production was on-budget, on-schedule and a massive success. Much more than all of this though, Kamal was truly caring about all of our crew, whether that be finding us breakfast whilst on the move (so we didn’t lose any shooting time!), keeping us hydrated or answering all of our tourist questions. After just one day, Kamal is a friend and a credit to any production. We highly recommend.”
Shona Brown, Film maker – Producer | DA at Cosmic Joke
“Kamal and his team were a true asset to our team in Morocco, we couldn’t have done it without them! Kamal’s enthusiasm and drive to make things work no matter what helped our shoot in Morocco run very smoothly and mild During the preproduction phase he assisted us very well by sending inspiring pictures and explaining how Moroccan culture works. Also, he understands the value of good preperations and (when neccesary) doing thorough recce. By taking on Kamal in your team you will definitely have an interesting shooting trip when in Morocco!”
Peggy Schleeper, Free Lance Producer | Bnn Vara
“It is certainly wrap and we just wanted to say how unbelievably happy and grateful we are to Kamal and his team for their amazing services and work! EVERYTHING was perfect, everything! Shooting, weather, locations and cast, we couldn’t have asked for anything better, and have been saying so since we wrapped and the wine was opened! We would like to thank Kamal and his team for everything they have done to make this shoot happen. We recommend him to everyone possible and when we return in the future (hopefully) for a feature, we know who to work with! We look forward to working with him again in the future.”
Daniel Marlowe, Executive Producer | Monkey Kingdom
“Kamal and his team were extremely professional and reliable; we couldn’t have asked for a better partner in Morocco! They always went out of their way to make sure that we got the shots that we needed and where always accommodating to make changes on the fly. It was also evident that Kamal is very well connected in Morocco with both the government and film community as a whole as we never had permit issues and all of our documents here always quickly accessible for whoever needed it. We appreciated that Kamal was incredibly transparent and fair with us in all of our dealings, and never felt like we were being taken advantage. We will definitely and plan on working with Kamal and his team again.”
Jacob Schwarz, Producer | Mystery Box
“Kamal helped us pull off a successful shoot in Marrakech and Essaouira recently. He worked hard to pull together a wide variety of locations and subject matters we wanted to shoot. He was very professional, gave great advice, and set clear expectations. We also appreciated his ability to work within our budget. Overall, it was a lot of fun and a great experience!”
Mattew Gormly, Australian DOP | Based in Australia
“Kamal helped us pull off a successful shoot in Marrakech and Essaouira recently. He worked hard to pull together a wide variety of locations and subject matters we wanted to shoot. He was very professional, gave great advice, and set clear expectations. We also appreciated his ability to work within our budget. Overall, it was a lot of fun and a great experience!”
Bryce Gandy, Supervising Producer at Issimo Productions
“Kamal was a huge help getting permits and organizing local crewfor our shoot in Morocco. Definitely an asset to have him on ourteam for pre-production and production.”
Kristin Jackson, Coordinating Producer
“We produced a documentary in Morocco for German TV (ZDF/ARTE) and needed a location manager to help us with research, finding characters, logistics, translations and filming permits. We were very grateful that we connected with Kamal Ouneijjar, who supported our production in all aspects. We knew that filming in Morocco is never easy but thanks to Kamal we managed to solve all problems that were arising, including a last-minute change of our main character. I can only recommend his services: excellent support beyond what you may expect for a fair fee.”
Elmar Bartlmae, Director bei European Science Communication Institute (ESCI) Germany
“When we hired Kamal, as our fixer in Morocco, we had very little time to turnaround everything we needed to shoot there. It was a bit of a last minute dash and Kamal really went above and beyond to ensure we had everything we needed. He worked tirelessly around the clock.
Kamal is extremely hardworking and dedicated. What struck me most, while working with him, was his absolute honesty and integrity. He is a very genuine individual and will do what he can to make a project work. He is also very passionate about his work and this enthusiasm shines through.
Kamal is an asset to any crew shooting in Morocco and will definitely make you smile on a long shoot day. I hope we get the chance to work together again.”
Sorcha Glackin, Producer at Loosehorse L Ireland

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