MOROCCO FILM FIXER Boasts a group of talented, experienced fixers, researchers, coordinators and production assistants. We are an international team that conduct research, assist with finding equipment| cast | interview | local crew, and procure official filming permits and location permits.

We come from a diverse range of backgrounds with extensive regional and international experience. For us, creativity and quality are everything. We work hard every day to ensure our fixes are without compromise and of the highest international standards.  We combine our experience with our absolute love of the job to ensure we provide the very best for all of our clients.

Our team has worked with many broadcasters, including Al Jazeera, Nat Geo, CNN Africa, BBC Arabia, Leopard usa, Trt Aarbia, House and Garden television and others.  Our entire staff is fully bilingual in English, Arabic, and French.

Below Are the people you are most likely to meet with

KAMAL | Fixer- Local Producer

ABDEL | Fixer – Guide

SOUFIANE | Production  Assistant - Driver